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English CV template - Software Engineering 2
English CV template - Software Engineering 2
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Standard CV template for IT professionals such as web, mobile, hardware programmers. The special feature of this CV template is that it has a separate section that allows you to detail the projects you have done.

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Who is this English CV template - Software Engineering 2?

  • CV template for IT professionals such as web, mobile, hardware programmers
  • Fresh graduates with no work experience.
  • Experienced people want to create highlights and show their strengths.
  • Candidates are using manual CV design using Word.
  • All candidates are looking for professional and impressive CV design templates.
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  • There CV template is designed to minimize the distance the font size, helps the writer express much content as possible.
  • The fastest access to top employers.
  • Recommended latest suitable jobs daily.
  • Conquer and create good sympathy for the employer at the first gate.
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Instructions for writing English CV template - Software Engineering 2

How to write a software engineer CV
Software engineering, IT, computer technology, website design, ... each position requires technicians with absolute precision, specific skills and experience to work effectively. CV for technical jobs should highlight both education, experience and skills.
1. Personal information
As usual, this is the basic piece of information that candidates need to present in their CV. The information about full name, date of birth, address, contact method should be written concisely and clearly.
2. Career goals​
A technician's career goals can be to improve his professional skills or learn more about business, customer service (in the case of technical service companies), promotion, salary increase... Whatever you write, remember, your personal goals must be aligned with the company's goals and mission and all aim to contribute to the growth of the company. .
3. Experience
3.1. With experienced candidates
CV for experienced technical staff will be written differently from those of new graduates who have never worked. The most suitable experience for you to include in your CV will definitely be technical staff (IT staff, auto repair technicians, software technicians, ...). Meanwhile, with experiences that are not really relevant, such as going to sales, you should only include them if you have too little experience and if not, you can ignore them.
3.2. For candidates with no experience
If you do not have experience, when applying, you will partly lose your advantage, but obviously, not many people who have just graduated from school have experience. You can still be interviewed, be offered a job if you include this part in your CV for a skilled technician.
In the curriculum, even if it is an apprenticeship, all engineering disciplines focus on practice and practice so that students and students can interact with machines, equipment and basic tasks, understand the mechanics of the system. their operation and principle of operation. Therefore, even if you just graduated, you still have internship or similar experience to include in your technical staff CV.
4. Skills
Skills are an indispensable part when writing a CV for an IT employee or a CV for a technical staff job. Technical staff in different fields, different companies will have different tasks and therefore, the requirements with technical skills are also not the same. Of course, skills such as teamwork, good concentration are still similar, but certainly skills for automotive technicians cannot be the same as electrical technicians. When writing a CV for technical staff, it is best to write about 4-5 bullet points in order of priority.
5. Education
Writing this content is not difficult and is usually short with 3 bullet points (if you don't attend 2 schools or connect...). However, you should remember to write carefully and double-check it so that there are no mistakes and of course, you should not lie in this part.
6. Certificate
Besides degrees, professional certificates of construction engineering, certificates of electrical and electronic engineering... are all "tickets" for you to increase your competitiveness when applying for technical staff roles. If you have a certificate, write it on your CV, as long as it is valid and up to date; If not, please hide this content from your CV, and consider going to school and taking exams to further your career path.
7. Hobbies
Technical staff may not need to feel pressured to share their interests with employers. Whether you like playing games or cooking won't be judged negatively, but if you can, choose from among your hobbies what you think shows diligence, seriousness and the ability to practice. good middle, loves machines...
8. References
It's supposed to be a fairly easy section to write, but if you're not careful you can become unreliable when you write missing, incorrect or inappropriate contact information. Put information in your CV for technical staff from 1 to 2 contacts, just full name, title, phone number and email, but best, let your lecturer or former manager, team leader... Yours is the reference.
However, the prerequisite for writing these 2 parts in your technical staff CV is that it must be your real experience, awards, achievements. In the opposite situation, hide it from your CV so it doesn't go blank or make it unnecessary.

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English CV template - Software Engineering 2

Very nice CV template for Software Engineer candidates

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