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English CV template - Timeline 2
English CV template - Timeline 2
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  • Design: Traditional Grave
  • CV template showing your work experience in timeline, impressive, can be used for many industries
  • Language: English CV
  • Sample content: English CV sample content
  • Style: Timeline CV Template 2
  • Suggestions on how to write detailed CV with examples
  • Intuitive interaction
  • Download CV to your computer in PDF format

A CV template that showcases your work experience in an impressive, chronological timeline that can be used across many industries. This CV template will be suitable for you who like to make a stylish and content CV encapsulated in 1 page. There are many color sets to choose from, suitable for each company.

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Who is this English CV template - Timeline 2?

  • Fresh graduates with no work experience.
  • Experienced people want to create highlights and show off your work experience in an impressive, timeline.
  • Candidates are using manual CV design using Word.
  • All candidates are looking for professional and impressive CV design templates.
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What will you get if you create this English CV template - Timeline 2

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  • Have a CV template that shows your work experience in a timeline, impressive, can be used for many industries
  • The fastest access to top employers.
  • Recommended latest suitable jobs daily.
  • Conquer and create good sympathy for the employer at the first gate.
  • Be more confident and comfortable with the next round of interviews.
Use this CV template

Instructions for writing English CV template - Timeline 2

In general, an online CV template, even for word file CV templates, will include 3 parts: Personal information, professional information and other information. Each section will have smaller fields of information that candidates can easily list and present. On 123work timeline CV template, these fields will be pre-designed and candidates only need to fill in, specifically:
1. Personal information
Candidates fill in the information about themselves in the CV, including their full name, gender, date of birth, phone number, email, and address. Include the name of the position you want to apply for.
2. Education level
Education is an expression of your well-trained competence. Besides, it is also an authentication part about the candidate's satisfaction of recruitment criteria. Education level in CV, you need to fill in: Type of degree, major, classification and name of the university - college offering the degree.
3. Career goals in CV
This is a brief sentence about your future career direction. Usually it will be tied to or influenced by the job position you are applying for. Candidates will show their vision as well as their sense of competence through their career goals in their CV.
4. Skills
Some skills in the CV can be listed as: Computer skills, communication skills, teamwork skills sample CV, it is shown on the chart instead of the sample CV. by ordinary written expression. Therefore, candidates can self-assess the perfection of each of their skills through a 10-point scale.
5. Work Experience
The candidate fully declares the jobs and positions that you have worked. From there, you demonstrate your proficiency and in-depth understanding of the position you are applying for. The chronological order to list work experience is from the most recent job on wards, with the elements in each experience being: company/business name, location, length of service. , The main task.
6. Prizes
List any awards you have received in training, education or where you have worked. Click here for more awards related to the job you are applying for.
7. Activity
The "activity" part is for candidates to declare more clearly about their own contributions to community events and programs.
8. Certificate
Certifications in skills that complement your qualifications have been granted.
9. Participating projects
Similar to the activity section, the project involved in the CV focuses on the candidate's research, analysis, and creativity activities in a certain professional or scientific field.
10. Hobbies
Point out some of your personal interests in your CV, and if possible mention interests that show your suitability for the field of work.
11. More Info
In this section you can add some more information that you consider to enhance your self-worth.
12. References
This section is also the last part of your CV, in the reference section you will provide the name of the former manager or a trusted source with their address, phone number or email to verify the above information your.
By completing all 12 fields of information above in your CV, combined with 123work impressive CV designs, your CV will surely stand out in the eyes of employers. Thanks to that, it attracts the attention of candidates, job opportunities therefore come closer to you. Create your CV now and download the beautiful CV template with 123work!

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Frequently asked questions

How many CV can I create on 123work?

123work does not limit the number of CV you can create, you can manage your CV in the CV management section 

How do I get search results for the type of job I'm looking for?

The job title is determined by the keywords you type in. When choosing keywords, you should choose terms that are general in your industry and associate them with keywords that describe the job title. 

Example: You are looking for an office manager job, the keyword is “manager” and also “manager” for the title or description, including a description such as a job description for the head of human resources. Limit your search to specific job titles, try using citations around your keyword to keep it from getting ripped off. If you want to find a job in a certain province or city, please select a location from the list of locations listed in the Select Location box. For more information, see Search Help. 

Can I get more information on the Job Posting Advertisement, especially the contact information of the employer other than those listed?

Employers often only provide the information they want job applicants to know. However, if you notice that an employer has omitted contact information, please contact us, we will ask them to update that information accurately and as soon as possible. Although most jobs are posted within 60 days, it is possible for an employer to take down the job posting once it has found the person or whenever they want. 

What should I do if I visit a job posting that I believe is untrue?

123work's Use Agreements state that 123work disclaims responsibility for the information contained in any job postings nor for the use of the 123work site by job seekers or their reliance on the information, material posted by third parties on 123work sites is really dangerous to them. However, when the job posting is not true, affecting 123work, 123work will take action to protect job seekers. We may remove such job postings, prevent posters from being contacted through 123work's job data, and require our legal department to exercise law enforcement powers. To protect yourself from falling victim to these types of fraud, we recommend the following: 

Do not give your social insurance number to any potential employers even if they ask to send it to check “daily spending”. 123work's Terms of Use prohibit the posting of jobs that require job seekers to pay a fee prior to employment. Please do not give your account card number, bank account number to a potential employer or engage in any transaction in which you are required to transfer or exchange currency or credit to an employer. potential recruits. 

Be careful when providing over the phone or online to potential employers any personal information other than what you have provided in your CV. 

When responding to individuals who appear to represent a potential employer, research the company to make sure they are genuine. 

All of the above warnings are intended to help job seekers avoid unfortunate risks, and at the same time, we also hope that you should be cautious with unknown recruiters. 

While the warnings above are designed to help you avoid being scammed, they are not exhaustive at all and you should pay attention when working with unfamiliar organizations. If you feel you have been the victim of a crime claiming to be a potential employer knowing your name and information through 123work, please let us know. 

What happens when I Apply Online?

When you apply online, employers will receive your CV via email. They can also access it at any time from their CV Management System in their 123work account. All CV you submit using the Internet are kept in your account in the Profile Reports section. This Report will not track Applications you send via email, mail or fax.

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English CV template - Timeline 2

Creative, free CV template in Timeline style

7.435 Candidate used
4.398 Positive feedback
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