Do Not Sell My Personal Information

What do you know about ‘’selling data’’

A widespread misconception about "selling" information is that it entails firms collecting information it has gathered about you and selling it to an unrelated third party in exchange for money, who would then use it for a different purpose that you did not expect. This is never the case with your information at 123work

We use the information we collect from our users to assist people in finding work. The CCPA, on the other hand, has a much broader definition of "sell" than this, which includes activities other than "selling" for money, such as disclosing, disseminating, making available, transferring, or communicating a consumer's personal information by electronic or other means for other valuable consideration. 123work makes every effort to follow the law and your requests in this regard.

What exactly does this definition encompass?

This list isn't designed to be exclusive; rather, it serves as an illustration of what our products can accomplish. Because the CCPA has been framed extremely broadly, certain activities stated above "may" fall under the meaning of "selling" data, we say "may."

Employers and recruiters can see your public résumé.

To assist employers to analyze job listing performance and optimize our online advertising, we allow third-party cookies, pixels, and tracking technologies.

As mentioned in our Privacy Center, we exchange data with our affiliates.

What 123work does not do

We don't sell data to third-party data brokers.

We never sell or trade your personal information to a third party for a fee.

The reason why 123work "sells" or "transfers" your data 

Each of the reasons listed below is fundamental to our aim of assisting job seekers. When we show a public resume to an employer, for example, it is because a job seeker has made their resume public in order to introduce themselves to a potential employer.

We help those who have made their CV public get jobs by showing them to employers.

Allowing firms to track the performance of job postings aids in the distribution of more jobs to individuals who seek them.

Sharing data with our 123work affiliates allows job seekers to access more job postings and employers, and companies to access more job seekers, while also improving security for our users.

People can see job advertisements that are relevant to them, and businesses can access people who are likely to be suitable prospects, thanks to data sharing with third parties.

Choosing not to sell your data

We are unable to provide our services to you if you prefer that we not "sell" or "transfer" your information to an employer. You can request that we erase your account and personal data if you want to opt out.

Options for opting out

You can have your data removed by using the personal data request form

To make a CCPA request, call 800-616-6535, which is a toll-free number.

You are stating that you are a California resident exercising your CCPA rights by making this request. 123work will be unable to transmit your data once it has been removed.

Frequently asked questions

Why am I being asked to delete data and my account?

How we move data is crucial to our key products and services, which assist job seekers in finding excellent opportunities and employers in finding outstanding applicants.  Without these transfers, we are now unable to provide our essential products and services. You can, however, utilize 123work to search for and apply for jobs to the amount that you choose.

Can I still use 123work after deleting my account?

You will still be able to use all of the services we offer on our site that do not require us to collect and transfer your email address if you request to opt out and cancel your account. You can always create a new account or sign up for job notifications, but you must use a different email address each time.

Is it possible these practices will change?

123work is keeping a close eye on the State of California and its Attorney General for any new CCPA interpretations. We will examine this issue if we believe it is appropriate to share user data as our products are designed to do. Our purpose remains the same: to assist you in obtaining employment in the manner that you desire.